Rinopril (Ranexa)500mg

Rinopril (Ranexa)500mg


Each Rinopril contains 500 mg Ranolazine 100 tablets. Rinporil is a medication used to treat heart related chest pain in adults.

ATC Classification: C01EB18
Active Ingrediant: Ranolazine ER
Generic Name: Rinopril
Manufacturer: Intas Pharma
Strength: 500mg
Dosage Type: Tablet
Packaging Type: Blister in Box
Contains: 100 Tab-ER



Medication Safety Issues

Sound-alike/look-alike issues:

Ranexa may be confused with CeleXA, PreNexa Premier



Store at 25°C (77°F); excursions permitted to 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F).


Adverse Reactions

>0.5% to 10%:

Cardiovascular: Bradycardia (≤4%), hypotension (≤4%), orthostatic hypotension (≤4%), palpitation (≤4%), peripheral edema (≤4%), prolonged QT interval on ECG (>500 msec: ≤1%)

Central nervous system: Dizziness (6%; may be dose-related), headache (≤6%), confusion (≤4%), syncope (≤4%), vertigo (≤4%)

Dermatologic: Hyperhidrosis (≤4%)

Gastrointestinal: Constipation (5%), abdominal pain (≤4%), anorexia (≤4%), dyspepsia (≤4%), nausea (≤4%; dose-related), vomiting (≤4%), xerostomia (≤4%)

Genitourinary: Hematuria (≤4%)

Neuromuscular: Weakness (≤4%)

Ophthalmic: Blurred vision (≤4%)

Otic: Tinnitus (≤4%)

Respiratory: Dyspnea (≤4%)

≤0.5%, postmarketing, and/or case reports: Angioedema, ataxia, decreased glycosylated hemoglobin, decreased T-wave amplitude, dysuria, eosinophilia, hallucination, hypoesthesia, hypoglycemia (diabetic patients), increased blood urea nitrogen, increased serum creatinine, leukopenia, pancytopenia, paresthesia, pruritus, pulmonary fibrosis, renal failure, skin rash, thrombocytopenia, torsade de pointes (Morrow 2007), tremor, T-wave changes (notched), urinary retention, urine discoloration


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